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Timeless fashion pieces every woman needs

Updated: Feb 2, 2022


We Ship Worldwide CODOGIRL JOURNALTimeless Fashion: The Answer To Fast Fashion? Yulia Omelich Co-founder CODOGIRL™ Designers used to spend months, even years putting together a collection for two fashion seasons: spring/summer and fall/winter. Clothing production used to be slower, and garments were made with greater emphasis on quality and longevity, so that you could keep and wear them for years to come. Today, fast fashion has blown up the two fashion seasons into some 52 “microseasons”. With new trends released weekly, fast fashion’s main objective is to make you constantly feel behind-trend and out-of-style with their prominent marketing campaigns and daily turnover of cheap, low-quality merchandise. This model is unsustainable in every way: it’s bad for the environment, it's bad for factory workers and, when you add up the cost of every fast fashion item you bought, bad for you and your wallet. After hundreds, even thousands of dollars spent, with fast fashion you end up with a heap of cheap, throwaway clothing destined for the landfill. Is there another way? The main problem with fast fashion is its expiration date: fast fashion clothing by design is intended to fall apart after one wash. According to a McKinsey report, the average fashion consumer bought 60% more clothing items in 2014 compared to 2000, but only kept each item for half as long. And while individual prices are cheaper, a fast fashion wardrobe often ends up costing the consumer much more compared to the alternative. The solution? Our concept of clothing ownership should return to how it was before fast fashion exploded in the early 2000s. In order to do that, we need to replace fast fashion with what is called “timeless fashion”. What is Timeless Fashion? Timeless fashion, like “classic” fashion, implies design that always remains on trend. Timelessness applies to iconic, centerpiece items, built to last the test of both time and trend. Timeless fashion can include quality cashmere sweaters, classic Chanel 2.55 flap bags and tweed suits, Hermes scarves etc. Timeless fashion does not only refer to specific items or pieces, but timeless fashion trends themselves. Floral prints, neutral tones, blazers, and black caviar leather handbags - these timeless styles have always been trendy and show no signs of becoming dated. What many people don’t know is that obtaining these high quality, timeless outfits and designer items is not as difficult or expensive as they might think. Thanks to the newly emerging online designer resale market, consumers can skip the fast fashion and instead invest their fashion budget into gently pre-owned designer fashion, saving up to 70% off of the retail price. Instead of a pile of cheap throwaway fast fashion, you could get yourself a few timeless pieces that not only beat every microtrend, but also last for years!

Why invest in Timeless Fashion?

It is the perfect alternative to fast fashion. Instead of buying worthless clothing, when you invest your money into a pre-owned designer item, you are getting something of value in return for your dollar. That way, whenever you get bored and want something new, you can sell it and put that money towards another timeless piece.

Some timeless pieces actually go up in value over time, so your fashion choice can become an investment. The Chanel flap is a prime example: their value only increases over time, however they will always be in style. The same goes for Hermes and Louis Vuitton, whose limited production and incredibly high quality keeps the demand super high. This is especially true of Hermes Birkin and Kelly handbags in desirable, neutral colors like black, beige/taupe, brown and deep Hermes orange. Birkin and Kelly bags have been made of the same top-quality materials for decades, making them perfect complements to your timeless outfits. To learn more about these amazing handbags, be sure to check out our Hermes Birkin and Kelly Guide.

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