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Sweater weather is better weather

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Simply thinking about autumn — the colors, the weather, the mood, the food, the people, the costumes, the comfort — infuses this heart-lifting feeling and a sense of joy, despite the forthcoming days of a new school year and workload.

It’s safe to say that autumn is without a doubt my favorite season, and the best season. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feel like autumn in this 80 degree Irvine weather. Nonetheless, the simple thought of autumn is comforting. I urge you to pay close attention to the ample beauties of this season.

Most of us initially associate autumn with the beginning of school and fall quarter, failing to realize that it’s probably the most well-rounded quarter. It’s when students are most motivated. It’s when the most parties take place. It’s when people first meet each other. It’s when everyone can look forward to winter break..

Nothing is more delightful than the picturesque scene of leaves swaying through the brisk autumn breeze. Nature’s palette is so unique and unified: shades of orange, brown, yellow and red present a perfect contrast amongst the cloudy blue skies. This palette is present throughout the season and is iconic of Thanksgiving and Halloween. Unlike leaves that stay glued to tree branches in other seasons, fall leaves are crunchy. Don’t deny it, you know you have to step on each one that comes in your path so you can get that satisfying “crunch” sound.

The comforting smell of chimney smoke, a bonfire, the sweet smell of Starbucks’ seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte or homemade freshly baked chocolate chip cookies accompany the picturesque environment and soothing weather. It’s warm enough so you don’t get frostbite and cold enough so you don’t have to worry about being sweaty.

Autumn is cool enough for tea, hot chocolate or coffee, and perhaps with the seasonal pumpkin or cinnamon flavorings. It’s the perfect time to cuddle up in your blanket and read a good book or eat a bowl of ice cream while your fingers grow numb.

I prefer doing both, preferably while reading a book from the Harry Potter series.

Everything just lightens up inside me, particularly when I see or read about the wonderful feasts in the Great Hall with charmed pumpkins and Halloween decorations hovering above the dining halls.

The comfort of autumn rests not only in the heartening foods and the pleasure of lying down in a bed of fallen leaves, but also in the fashion in which fall is known.. It’s the season where you can bring out your cable knit sweaters, sweatpants, hoodies and your trendy overcoat. Fall is when the freshest fashion trends erupt, just in time for the new school year. You can wear soccer sweats and comfortable Ugg boots one day, khakis and Steve Madden boots the next and still make the appropriate fall fashion statements. Not to mention, it’s also when Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show takes place.

Last but definitely not the least; fall is the season of love. No, not spring because of Valentine’s Day, but fall because love is not materialistically represented. I mean this in two different ways. First, fall is the perfect time for couples. Couples seem closer, both physically and emotionally. The presence of rain makes everything so much more memorable, and the tiny cliché moments become memorable moments.. And of course, haunted houses and scary movies are the perfect excuse to get close. But the real reason why fall represents the season of love is because it’s a time when everyone seems to be closer: families, friends, and couples. Families come together on Thanksgiving, enjoying all aspects of fall: the warm delicious food, the unique desserts, the bonding time, the fireside cuddling over a good movie — all of it and more.

As I mentioned earlier, although we aren’t exactly experiencing this spectacular change in weather in Irvine yet, you can still enjoy watching the flowers change colors and bloom and prepare for your fall fashion. Autumn is a season of comfort, love, happiness and all things sweet. Sweater weather is better weather, folks.

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